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A selfless good deed

December 25, 2008

On the other day when I watched one episode of f.r.i.e.n.d.s whereby Joey was telling Phoebe there’s no such thing as a genuine good deed. I started thinking. Is it really true?

Most of us consider good deeds as selfless and altruistic. However, I would say that all good deeds towards others have a kind of built in personal satisfaction value, giving each of us a kind of better sense of self-worth.

Perhaps the best of a selfless good deed is found in random acts of kindness, when no one but you knows you gave without any sense or need of reciprocation. There are people, who really are willing to sacrifice their time and effort to help others. Of course, I’m not one of those kind of people, cruel as I may seem. But, I love the concept of pay it forward.

I have come across this site called Greater Good , using which you can do a good deed each day with just one simple click! It’s indeed that simple! There are six sites, each dedicated to a specific humanitarian need, which you can visit daily and with just a click you will help making a difference in this world.

Think about how much you can do just by taking little time to give few clicks!

Thank You and Merry Christmas everyone !!

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